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How to write a search to count variations (different order and number) of transaction events?


I need a search to count variations of event occurance. Lets say we have events:
A,B,C,D,E which are combined into transaction by sessionid.
Event A is a start
Event E is an end.

In time, I have to search for transactions which have a different order and number of middle steps:
and so on...

I need a stats count how many all of variations have occurred... I cannot predict all of the possible variations as steps are repeating between start and stop.

I need a table:
ABCDE - 10
ABBE - 3

Any useful searches/commands I can try?

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Try this!

your search | transaction  startswith=A endswith=E|eval VARIANT=mvjoin(event, "-")|stats count by VARIANT
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