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How to use "AND" and "OR" operations in a text panel search?

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I made a text panel in a Splunk dashboard.
I want to use "AND" and "OR" operations in the text panel for searching contents,
but the "AND" and "OR" operation results are different with my expectation.

If I input "picture", it searches the "*picture*" words.

 ...| search positive_sentence="*picture*" | ...

If I input "picture OR pic", it searches the "*picture OR pic*" , not "*picture*" and "*pic*".
I know that it's possible with "AND" and "OR" operations if the panel type is multichoice.

How can I solve the this problem?
I want to use text type panel.

Thanks in advance.

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The design of the text box filter/input is to just replace the value entered in the text box to the place where it's token is referenced. So, if your search is ... | search positive_sentence="*$yourtextboxtoken$*" , then, if you enter picture, the search will be become ... | search positive_sentence="*picture*" and for picture OR pic, it will be ... | search positive_sentence="*picture OR pic*".

If you're looking for a custom interpretation/transformation of text box values, you'd need to write your SPL accordingly. E.g. if you want picture OR pic to be translated as ... | search positive_sentence="*picture*" OR positive_sentence="*pic*", then something like this would work

your base search | search [| gentimes start=-1 | eval search="positive_sentence=\"*".replace("$yourtextboxtoken$","(\s+(OR|AND)\s+)","*\"\1positive_sentence=\"*")."*\"" | table search]


A simple solution would be to just type this into the search box: picture* OR *pic

Other than that, you would have to use a multiselect

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Would a multifield selection be a better option?

Depending on what you're trying to do, you can automatically extract the fields from your data into the multifield list...

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