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How to set up an automatic lookup where a predefined value is used when there is no match in the lookup?



I would like to set up an automatic lookup, where a predefined value is used when there is no match in the lookup.

Let's say the lookup input field is Key=A and the lookup output field is amount=250. For events without Key=A the output should always be amount=100.

| fillnull value=100 amount

in every the search would be possible, but including it in the automatic lookup would be much better. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Mus,

thanks for your answers, this seems to be a possible solution.
I've found another option in the lookup "definitions" which is easier to use.

Minium matches: 1

Default matches: 100




nice, this ends in transforms.conf as default_match

default_match = <string>
* If min_matches > 0 and Splunk has less than min_matches for any given input, it provides 
  this default_match value one or more times until the min_matches threshold is reached.
* Defaults to empty string. 
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Hi HeinzWaescher,

you could setup an eval-based statement in props.conf :

EVAL-<fieldname> = <eval statement>
* Use this to automatically run the <eval statement> and assign the value of the output 
  to <fieldname>. This creates a "calculated field."
* When multiple EVAL-* statements are specified, they behave as if 
  they are run in parallel, rather than in any particular sequence.  
  For example say you have two statements: EVAL-x = y*2 and EVAL-y=100. In this case, "x" 
  will be assigned the original value of "y * 2," not the value of "y" after it is set to 100.
* Splunk processes calculated fields after field extraction and field aliasing but before 
  lookups. This means that:
        * You can use a field alias in the eval statement for a calculated field.
        * You cannot use a field added through a lookup in an eval statement for a calculated

The eval could look like this:

EVAL-amount = if(isnull(amount), "100" , amount)

This is untested so maybe you need to adapt it to your needs

cheers, MuS

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