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How to search the last 90 days of BlueCoat logs for the top 100 websites?

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This is the criteria I'm using:

index=bcoat_logs sc_filter_result!=DENIED cs_host!="-" | stats count(cs_host) by cs_host | sort -count(cs_host) 

which lists all websites users are hitting, but this search takes forever to run.

I was hoping to limit results to top 100 websites with highest hit counts in order to speed up the search.

I'm a bit of a newb and could use some help.

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One reason for the slowness is that you are using "not equal to" as a criteria. In general, whenever you use NOT, Splunk ends up doing a serial search and that is slow. Is there a way that you could search like this instead?

index=bcoat_logs sc_filter_result=ALLOWED cs_host!="-"

Also, the following will get the top 100 results - but note that Splunk must count them all before it can determine the top 100. Also, you don't need count(cs_host) - just count will work - although that doesn't save time either.

index=bcoat_logs sc_filter_result=ALLOWED cs_host!="-" 
| stats count by cs_host 
| sort 100 -count

Are there any other criteria that you could use to filter the search as well? sourcetype?

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