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How to search the count of IDs processed for multiple response time ranges?


hi i have two fields: IDs and response time in seconds. so by using the response time, i need to break down events
0-1 sec how many IDs were processed (their count)
1-2 sec how many IDs were processed
9-10 sec how many IDs were processed

can someone help me thanks.

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Thanks for your answer i got it by using the ceil and floor commands...thank you so much for your answers..it looks like it will also work for my case

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Seems like you need the following, IDs processed every second (which in-turn will require you to run the search for shorter duration) :
your base search ID=* | timechart span=1s count(ID) as "IDs Processed"

If this is not what you need please provide field names and examples.

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