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How to search only sourcetypes that began ingestion in last 7 days

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I'm very much a Splunk novice, but I've been playing around with trying to do some health checks for Splunk so when we configure new forwarders etc we can tell whether the sourcetype is being ingested.

I had the date picker on 7 days came up with:

|metadata type=sourcetypes | convert ctime(firstTime) | Fields - type, totalCount, recentTime, lastTime

This seems to give me the first time within the last 7 days that all sourcetypes were ingested.

I was hoping someone could help me with the logic to make this only show sourcetypes whose first began ingesting in the last 7 days?


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@sdewar83 ,


| metadata type=sourcetypes  where firstTime>=relative_time(now(),"-7d@d")
Happy Splunking!
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This certainly gives me a result ... but it still gives me results of other sourcetypes whose first time wasn't less than 7 days ago? I would've thought that it'd return nothing, unless i'd introduced a new sourcetype in the last 7 days, if that makes sense.

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