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How to rex using sed rex command?


How to rex using sed rex command?

index = main
| rex field=URI "^(?.+?)(\?|\z)"
|rex field=New_APIName mode=sed "s/\d+[a-zA-Z0-9*]/XXXX/g"
| stats count by New_APIName

I am getting output as









Expected result:



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try this one

| rex mode=sed field=<yourfield> "s/^(\/[^\/]*\/[^\/]*\/[^\/]*\/[^\/]*\/[^\/]*\/)[^\/]*(\/[^\/]*)/\1XXXX\2/g"


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Hi @karthi2809
Try below regex:

 <base search> | rex mode=sed field=New_APIName "s/(^\/\w+\/\w+\/\w+\/\w+\/\w+\/.{4})[^\/]+(\/\w+)/\1\2/"
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Most likely you have a problem with the regular expression.

What are the actual values of XXXX (letters, numbers)?

The regular expression you have is looking for 1 or more digits followed by 0 or more letters or numbers and replacing the matches with XXXX

regex101.com is a good online regex utility to help build regular expressions

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