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How to return a field that isn't part of the stats count?

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I'm trying to get a table of all the Session_ID values when the count of Logon_IDs is more than 2, but since the stats count is based on the number of Logon_IDs, the Session_ID field is no longer available for me to table.

For example:

Logon_IDs       Session_ID
Jones           sess_1
Smith           sess_2
Brown           sess_3
Smith           sess_4

My first attempt was stats count BY Logon_IDs" | where count > 1 | table Session_ID, but this removes the Session_ID field.

What SPL should I be using to get the result:


Many thanks,

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Try this

.... | stats values(loginid) as lid count by sessionid | where mvcount(lid)>1
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