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I have one view with Line graph and i am using timechart for drawing it. I want to redirect to another view while clicking on Line graph. I have tried :


While clicking on line graph it is redirected to Screen_2_2. but some sid=*********(numeric value) is also passing as parameter.

I have also tried :


But it is also passing parameters in URL.

how can i avoid this parameter. I just want to redirect to screen_2_2 without passing any argument.

Please help, if anyone knows the solution.

Thanks in advance

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I dont think ViewRedirector can do this, at least without writing your own javascript in application.js to customize it's behavior.

However the Sideview Utils app includes a module called Redirector that is a bit simpler and more intuitive than ViewRedirector, and among other benefits it doesn't require a search to be passed.

A simple config that just redirects to a URL when data hits it, looks like this:

<module name="Redirector">
   <param name="url">some_view</param>

For less trivial use cases, you can pass args by including any param starting with "arg.", like so:

<module name="Redirector">
    <param name="url">some_view</param>
    <param name="arg.myArg">someValue</param>

And you can do $foo$ substitution into any argument value, or the argument names, or the URL itself. Most of the time you'll just make the argument values dynamic, but here's a somewhat extreme example where I'm doing all 3:

<module name="Redirector">
    <param name="url">$which$_detail</param>
    <param name="arg.myArg">$somePulldownName$</param>
    <param name="arg.$dynamicArgName$">$dynamicArgValue$</param>

But have you considered simply using StaticContentSample or ServerSideInclude (or the HTML module from Sideview Utils) to just render a link?

It seems a little strange to let the user click on various elements in the chart when all of the clicks go to the same place. A simple blue link seems like it would be less confusing to your users.

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