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How to plot the date on the x-axis and timestamp on the y-axis in a chart?

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My data is like this:

10-Sep-2016-05:15:20 duration=30 attempt=1 foo=bar . . .
12-Sep-2016-07:00:21 duration=35 attempt=2 foo=bar . . .
13-Sep-2016-05:20:25 duration=30 attempt=3 foo=bar . . .

What is the correct way to chart the above data such that
date (09/10, 09/12, 09/13) is in x-axis and the timestamp (05:15, 07:00, 05:20) is in y-axis?

In other words, I am trying to plot the start time of the event everyday.


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You need the timeline app


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