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How to place a heatmap or highlight the table cell with the highest value in the search result?


My search output contains following table data - Name of the Region, % tickets resolved by L1, and % tickets resolved by RE (Resident Engineer).

Region      %L1 Contribution     %RE Contribution
Mumbai             33                   43
Delhi              57                   45
North              46                   36
Kolkata            75                   25

I want to put the heatmap on the cell which has the highest value, so that we can directly find out whose contribution is more by seeing the dashboard itself. When I select heatmap from the panel, it shows the colors for both the cells of the row, which I dont want. I just want to highlight the highest contribution for a particular Region. Please help.

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Have you got a chance to look at the "Splunk 6 Dashboard example app"?? It has as example dashboard "Table Cell Highlighting" which can be used for your need. (little customization will be required)
App Link: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1603/


I have seen the example dashboards for that, but the js is for comparing the certain values within the cell and then highlight the cell. In my case, I have to compare to columns and whichever column is having high value, that should be highlighted. I think for that I will have to change the javascript and CSS. I dont have knowledge on writing js and css. Can you help me creating the js and css for the comparison I want ? or you can direct me to some other alternative ?


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