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How to pass one value at a time to a search from a subsearch?


I am looking to run anomaly detection on failed and successful logons per user per host over a given time frame (7 days with a span of 1 day). My hope is that the search will provide the results of only anomalous counts of logons per user per host. My initial thought was to run a search similar to this:

index=foo (sourcetype=auditd type=USER_AUTH OR type=USER_ERR res=failed op!=password)  host=$host_one_at_a_time$ user=$user_one_at_a_time$ | timechart count by logon| anomalydetection

I don't know how to pass one value at a time to a search from a subsearch and would like to keep it automated. Ideally it would distinguish anomalies per host and user, but I would also be okay with just user. The goal is to identify when a user account gets crazy with successful or failed logins.


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I do not understand your big picture but you can "pass one value at a time to a search from a[nother] search" by using the map command (although you have to turn your thinking inside out a bit).

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