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How to match join ids when lookup produces ambiguous results.


How to match a result from 3 fields using an ambiguous lookup.

lookup client_type.csv

client_id    type           id  id_type
82    AB-25 WWS-1   210 28000-CWS1
83    AB-25 WWS-2   210 28000-CWS2

The main search produces a client_id, and I need to join it to the results above.
As an example, client 82 and client 83 can both have id of 210.

... search with multiple client_id
| join type=left client_id [search index=client_source="updates.ids" earliest=-7d latest=now() | dedup Case sortby -_time | search CaseTitle="*CLIENT ID*" | rex field=CaseTitle "(?.*) CLIENT ID"
| eval id=if(!like(OBJ,"%.%"), upper(trim(OBJ)), null()) 
| lookup id OUTPUT id_type, _client_id

The problem I have is that the id is ambiguous, matching both WWS-1 and WWS-2.

My requirement is that it is OK for both entries to equal each other, but need out output each client_id in order to match the parent search. specifically client_id 82 and 83 can both match WWS-1 or WWS-2

Not sure how to fulfill.

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