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How to make a Simple Pie Chart showing the percent on the pie

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Im trying to create a simple Pie chart from a csv file or indexed data and cant seem to configure the Pie chart correctly.

the Beer.csv looks like this

| inputlookup Beer.csv | chart Values(Amount) by Name

this makes a pie chart that seems to allocate the correct proportion but how can i make it write the actual percent on the pie chart and the number for that name?

thanks for any help

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| inputlookup Beer.csv 
| eventstats sum(Amount) as total
| eval perc = (Amount / total * 100)
| table Name,Amount, total, perc
`comment("if you want,")`
| table perc, Amount

Visualization > Pie Chart
Hi, @mikeoks
I'm not sure what you want.
how about this?

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