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How to make a GET request and fetch SID?


Hi I am new to Splunk,

I have created an Angular service that makes a get request to Splunk, I have a search and I want to return the Sid.

I tried this with postman- but it was returning a lot of JSON data.

How do I return the Sid?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


public _url: string = `https://digitalsplunk.secretlink.com:8089/services/search/jobs`
  search_query = JSON.stringify(`search index=mainframe task_name=P3MRBI1 | table _time, ebg_method_name`)

    header = {
    headers: new HttpHeaders().set(
      "Basic " + btoa("user:pass")

  constructor(public http: HttpClient) {}
  get_side() {
    this.http.get(this._url + this.search_query, this.header).subscribe(response => console.log('response ', response), err => console.log('error is ', err));
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