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How to hide the minus character from the bar graph

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I have generated a bar graph which has values on both positive and negative sides of the x axis. Logically, the values in the negative axis should display with minus as prefix, but we have a requirement not to show the minus character before the numeric value.

The idea is to get the graph on both positive and negative side with positive values for easier understanding of the graph.
To achieve, we end up converting some positive values to negative inorder to show in negative axis. But now minus character plays as a issue here.

Is there any way to hide the preceeding minus character or any other way of bringing some values to the negative axis of the graph.

Thanks in advance.

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Your statement is ambiguous, and i think you may be asking us for a fix to a problem that you don't even need to create in the first place.

We could have a long conversation about what kind of people find negative signs difficult, and why changing the presentation for them is an extremely bad idea. If they have trouble understanding minus signs on bars that go DOWN, then removing the minus sign will cause them to believe that a down column is a different number than it is.

Unless, of course, the down column is a different number than it is, and you are doing something that would confuse anyone. I suspect, reading between the lines, that maybe you are doing something that is just going to bite you in the butt.

If you give us a sample of the graph you are trying to achieve, then I believe that we can help you get that effect without driving anyone nuts or exposing yourself to future issues.

For an example, if you are trying to show that numbers below a certain level are "bad", then instead of turning the number negative, you could just add an overlay line that shows what is acceptable.

For another example, if you are trying to show that this month's number has gone up or gone down, then you could break the month's performance into three parts and use a stacked bar chart.

The three parts are -
- performance you hit both months (black - bottom)
- difference between performance you hit last month that you didn't hit this month (red - middle)
- difference between performance you hit this month that you didn't hit last month (green - top)

Of course, that might be better shown just by having the two months' performance sitting side by side in the order they happened. It all depends on the data.

If you give us examples, we can help more.

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