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How to have Pivot Report show both chart and table

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I was reviewing this tutorial on Youtube about how to create Pivot report

It shows both the Chart as well as the tablealt text Although when I create a Pivot report it only shows me the chart but not the table below it, how do I get the table to show up below the chart?

So that information is readily available there.



What you are asking to do requires that you create a dashboard of your own if you want to do it the most efficient way with only a single search.

Without having the original content, I can only show you the pseudocode to product what you are looking for. You will have to plug in the names for DATAMODEL, EVENT_NAME, sales_field, and product_field.

  <label>Product Sales by Host</label>
  <fieldset autoRun="true" submitButton="false">
    <input type="time" searchWhenChanged="true">
      <label>Search Period</label>
        <search id="search_sales_by_host">
            | pivot <DATAMODEL> <EVENT_NAME> sum(<sales_field>) AS sales SPLITROW <product_name_field> as "product name" SPLITCOL host TOP 20 sum(<sales_field>) ROWSUMMARY 0 COLSUMMARY 0 NUMCOLS 20 SHOWOTHER 0 
        <option name="drilldown">none</option>
        <option name="charting.chart">bar</option>
        <option name="charting.axisTitleX.visibility">visible</option>
        <option name="charting.axisTitleY.visibility">visible</option>
        <option name="charting.axisTitleY.text">Product Name</option>        
        <option name="charting.axisTitleX.text">Sum of Price ($)</option>        
        <search base="search_sales_by_host">
        <option name="count">20</option>
        <option name="drilldown">none</option>
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