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How to group by a column value



I'm searching for Windows Authentication logs and want to table activity of a user.

My Search query is :

index="win*" tag=authentication | stats values(src), values(dest), values(LogonType) by user | ....

I get Results like this.

alt text
But i am looking for some

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Revered Legend

Try like this

index="win*" tag=authentication src=* dest=* LogonType=*  | stats values(src), values(dest), values(LogonType) by user
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Path Finder

have you tried this?

 | transaction user | table user, src, dest, LogonType | ...

and if you don't want events with no dest,
you should add


to your search query.

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index="win*" tag=authentication | stats values(user) by source,dest,LogonType | ....

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Thank you pradeep for your response.

But this search does not give the expected result. I do not want values(user) . I want unique value of User.

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