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How to give space in tittle between words while using "raiseticket" in a Splunk search

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Hi ,

I am writing a search which creates a Central Station Incident if satisfies my condition.

While doing so I am unable to generate space between words in title

raiseticket cst_env=PROD ticket_processname=XYZ ticket_priority=2 ticket_p1Class=s ticket_title="Unable to give space between words"

The incident that is getting generated have title as below ( if I use above in my Splunk search)

Unable - 1234567891- NotDefinedRole

Desired Title:-
Unable to give space between words - 1234567891- NotDefinedRole

Can someone help me here

Thanks in Advance !!


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Check the python code that has been coded for the custom command raiseticket.

The field ticket_tile is probably defined as string. You might need to change is to lists.

If you can share the code, might help better.

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raiseticket isn't a built in Splunk command so I suspect this would be a bug in from the particular addon... do you know what add-on or TA this command is coming from?

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