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How to give space in dashboard query?


Have drop down vaules like below

Extual vaul

Index =abc source = abc source 

 Drop down values like prod  lable 

Value source =abc source 

In query getting like error index=abc source=abc source  i required logic for space between index and source 



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have you try "|s$" with your token? See Token filters

r. Ismo

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<input type= drop-down token =field1>

<Lable > Env</Lable>

< Choice value="_nontest " source="testing source"> TEST</choice>

<Choice value="  source="prodsource" >Prod</choice>



My query is like index=abc$field1$  | stats count  


which testing working fine when I select prod not getting any our and query also i below 

Index=abcsource="prodsource" | stats count 

How to give space between index and source while selecting prod .




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Please use </> block when you are pasting code etc. to aswer/question. Then it don't change/drop any characters!

This should work with next options.

  <input type="dropdown" token="field1">
    <choice value='_nontest source="testing source"'> TEST</choice>
    <choice value=' source="prodsource"'>Prod</choice>
   index=abc $field1$ | stats count

Another way is replace those choise rows like

      <choice value="_nontest source=&quot;testing source&quot;">TEST</choice>
      <choice value="source=&quot;prodsource&quot;">Prod</choice>

 Those bot should work for you.

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