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How to get events around identified event



I have a dashboard that identifies Windows hard shut downs (event code=41). However, we want to see the windows events leading up to the hard shut down.

For example, my results table says I had a hard shut down on host .111 at 1:30PM. How can I pipe this to more logic that will show me windows events from 1:20PM to 1:30PM (in order to provide clues about what led up to the hard shut down)? I prefer not to do this manually but to actually have a query dynamically retrieve those "lead up" events.

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YOu can try something like this

index=YourIndex sourcetype=YourSourcetype [ search index=YourIndex sourcetype=YourSourcetype event_code=41 | eval earliest=relative_time(_time,"-10m@m") | eval latest=_time | return earliest, latest] | rest of search


I like your answer because it clarifies something I struggled with in the MArtin's -- the map command in the quotes section - "search for lead-up events earliest=$starttime latest=$endtime$" was unclear to me, whereas your example demonstrates a standard spl search structure referencing an index and a sourcetype.

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You can use localize and map like this:

search for event code 41 | localize timebefore=10m | map search="search for lead-up events earliest=$starttime$ latest=$endtime$"

localize takes events from the first search and converts them into timeranges, going back 10 minutes. map takes these timeranges and runs new searches based on the ranges.

See these for reference: