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How to get a percentage calculation ?


I am writing a query which is going to a scheduled report. I have 3 servers/hosts (serv1, serv2, serv3) whose average response time i am calculating like this,

timechart span=1d eval(round(avg(reqtimeseconds),2)) as avgresponse_time by host

I am looking for an output that should do a comparison of serv1 with other two and give me a result like below,

Serv1's avgresptime is 20 % higher than Serv2
Serv1's avgresptime is 10 % higher than Serv3

something like this.. I don't want an absolute value but a percent value and how much it is higher than Serv1.

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Re: How to get a percentage calculation ?

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| timechart span=1d eval(round(avg(req_time_seconds),2)) as avgresponse_time by host
| eval result1="Serv1's avg_resp_time is ".case(serv1>serv2,(round(serv1/serv2*100))."% higher than Serv2", serv1<serv2,(round(serv2/serv1*100))."% lower than Serv2", true(), "same with Serv2")
| eval result2="Serv1's avg_resp_time is ".case(serv1>serv3,(round(serv1/serv3*100))."% higher than Serv3", serv1<serv3,(round(serv3/serv1*100))."% lower than Serv3", true(), "same with Serv3")

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