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How to generate several "chart / over / by" charts for each value X using trellis?

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Hello Splunk Community,

I'm trying to build a dashboard that dynamically displays several bar charts based on each value of "Origem".

Values: Origem, SentidoCanal, Metrica, Valor
Chart should looks like:
1) A bar chart, using trellis, for each Origem;
2) SentidoCanal as X-axis, Metrica as different bars per SentidoCanal, Valor as Y-axis;

index="raw_switch" Diagnostics (Metrica=Drop OR Metrica=Loss OR Metrica=MaxJitter)
| chart max(Valor) over SentidoCanal by Metrica

I've done the dashboard for each Origem statically, but it's impossible to scale this way. That's why I need to use trellis.

I appreciate any help!

Thanks.alt text

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