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How to filter search results to group by one of the fields?


Hello, I have created the following search to show fieldsummary on 4 fields: devicename, ip, platform, and market as below.

I want to filter the fieldsummary results further by market which shows devicename, ip, platform with individual market combinations, and show null counts and percentages computed in search.

Can the search be modified to further group the devicename, ip, platform by market for null values?

environment=test sourcetype=API1 | fields + devicename,Ip,platform,market | fieldsummary maxvals=10 | where (values like "%null%" OR isnull(values) OR values like "%NULL%") | fields - is_exact, max , mean, min, numeric_count, stdev, distinct_count |  rex field=values "null\",\"count\":(?\d+)"| eval Percentage_null=if(isnull((null_count/count)*100),0,round((null_count/count*100),2)) | fieldformat count=tostring(count,"commas") | fieldformat null_count=tostring(null_count,"commas")| sort Percentage_null,values desc

Current results:

field       Percentage_null count    null_count values
devicename  1.60                    4,388    130        [{"value":"null","count":701},cf28ng==","count":24}]
IP                  1.33                    4,388    212        [{"value":"null","count":512},{"value":"":206}]
platform    0.45                    4,388    852        [{"value":"null","count":273},{"value":"Android":4000}]
market          0.14                    4,388    100            [{"value":"null","count":2000},{"value":"CA","count":2000},{"value":"JP","count":6}
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