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How to extract kv from a variable format field using kvform?


I need to extract some keys/values from a certain field, however it doesn't have a fixed format. Actually this field can contain multiple sub-fields and assume different lengths according to the data's meaning.
I was wondering if I can use kvform function, so in the .form file I could input all the regexes that match my data.
Am I thinking right, will splunk's kvform work like this? In positive case, what is the proper sintax of .form file? The documentation pages aren't pretty clear...

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I too would like to know how to format the .form file. I am getting error: Cannot find regex reference: to the lines in the .form file I am creating.

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I also got this error when I created the directory for forms as described in the documentation - "$SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/.../forms". Instead try "$SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/.../form", without que final 's'.

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