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How to extract field name and field values from multi-value field?


I am indexing email data that Splunk reads from an inbox folder (via TA-mailclient). Those emails contain a csv file that comes as file attachment to the email. 

Below is an example where the field name of the attachment is file_content and the field value is below:



Stopped by Reputation Filtering,Stopped as Invalid Recipients,Spam Detected,Virus Detected,Stopped by Content Filter,Total Threat Messages,Clean Messages,Total Attempted Messages




I want to be able to manipulate the results to look like below:

Stopped by Reputation Filtering Stopped as Invalid Recipients Spam Detected Virus Detected Stopped by Content Filter Total Threat Messages Clean Messages Total Attempted Messages
9.280684855 0 45.13505001 0.001141916 1.53311465 55.94999144 44.05000856 --
251946 0 1225297 31 41620 1518894 1195841 2714735


Can someone please advise how to achieve this ?

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I could swear that I had seen the same question recently but cannot find it.  I also do not know an elegant solution. (The ask is really to extract fields from a field of CSV.)  So, here we go:


| eval file_content = split(file_content, "
") ``` chop field into lines ```
| eval header = mvindex(file_content, 0)
| eval file_content = mvindex(file_content, 1, -1) ``` get values ```
| mvexpand file_content ``` one value per line ```
| eval _raw = mvzip(split(header, ","), split(file_content, ","), "=") ``` pair headers with values ```
| kv pairdelim="
" kvdelim="="
| fields - _raw file_content header


 The sample data will give

Clean MessagesDetectedFilterFilteringMessagesRecipientsSpam_DetectedStopped as Invalid_RecipientsStopped_by_Content_FilterStopped_by_Reputation_FilteringTotal_Attempted_MessagesTotal_Threat_MessagesVirus_Detected


@yuanliu Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am trying to understand your query. 

When I fully ran your query, the file_content field and values entirely disappeared. Results were just empty lines.

Then I tried to execute query line by line.

| eval file_content = split(file_content, "") ``` chop field into lines ```

1st attempt with the above returned file_content values with each character as single value like, 








After I added a "," between double quotes | eval file_content = split(file_content, ",") ``` chop field lines ```, it returned each cell value as single value


Stopped by Reputation Filtering
Stopped as Invalid Recipients

 still figuring out...

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@dm1 As ITWhisperer explained, the split character is a literal newline, which you can enter in search window by holding down Ctrl (or Mac 'control') key while pressing "Enter" (or Mac 'return').  Similarly, pairdelim is also a literal newline.

The last line removes file_content just to show results more clearly.  It is not part of the solution.

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As @yuanliu  showed, the split has to be by new line, you have removed this in your search

| eval file_content = split(file_content, "
") ``` chop field into lines ```

This assume that file_content is a single value with new lines delimiting the rows of the csv, not a multi-value field. If it is a multi-value field already, then the split is unnecessary.

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