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How to extract a JSON part from an incoming stream from journald to output only one value with /opt/splunk/etc/slave-apps/_cluster/local/transforms.conf

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The JSON part to extract is MESSAGES. We created a REGEX which works in the search, but it should be also added permanently to this "transforms.conf" file.

Our solution, which didn't work, is:

DEST_KEY = MetaData:Message
FORMAT= message:$1
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First, us there a particular reason you are wanting message to be a metadata field? I believe it can be as simple as this...

 FORMAT= Message::$1

...or even...


Updated to add a simpler version, and to use [^\"]* instead of .* to avoid backtracking.

Refer to this one for a little more instruction, including more steps if you want it indexed: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/171148/how-to-write-regex-to-extract-and-index-a-field-en.html

Second, do you want index time or search time extraction?

Here's some discussion about those considerations:


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