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How to do a lookup on multiple values in a text file on an HTTP URL?


I have a requirement to be implemented in Splunk.

I am a newbie to Splunk.

Problem Statement:
a. There is a text file in an http url that contains space delimited values (similar to a fixed length file).

b. The requirement is to do a lookup on this url, then load the values onto an index (these values get updated frequently and without notification).

c. Searched this community and the documentation, but couldn't quite find an answer.

d. Have considered using external_lookup.py (but doesn't accept a http url,that provides a text response, as an input)

e. I am not great inPython and need a quick turnaround.

Please advise the best solution for this scenario

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Thank you for the quick reply. I will try this out and update this thread. Appreciate the help.

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