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How to define "latest" based on "earliest" in order to act on the group of events happening in a certain duration.

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I have a search challenge where I need to pick a _time from SearchA and look for all the events happening in SearchB within a certain duration (few minutes). When I used "map" in SearchB with "earliest" taken from SearchA and "latest" to be "earliest" plus few minutes, it does not work at all. This is roughly what I used:

index=ABC sourcetype= STypeA | eval st=_time | map search="search index=ABC sourcetype=STypeB user=xyz earliest=$st$ | eval latest=$st$+3600"

Note that both searches do have same index (=ABC)

I appreciate your help.


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Try this:

index=ABC sourcetype= STypeA | eval lotime=_time | eval hitime=lotime+3600| map search="search index=ABC sourcetype=STypeB user=xyz earliest=$lotime$ latest=$hitime$"
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