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How to create mutiple columns for a single field

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I have to make dashboard like different age limits as column heading

product    (age)20-25    (age)30 -35
product1          200        300
product2          500        600

How to do this in splunk ?

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Alternatively, if you don't need highly customized date ranges, you can use the bucket command before charting.

... | bucket age span=5 | stats count by product,age

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See if the fieldformat command can help you: http://splunk-base.splunk.com/answers/35124/format-result-set-numbers

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There is no Actual field name VJ8210 there are dynamic field name is coming so we are not able to do that.

Can you tell me how to add $ to dynamic field name.

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Hi, for adding $ you use eval again:
eval age="$"+age

Replace age with your actual field names

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Thank you, got it now i want to include a $ sign for the values below (age)20-25

product (age)20-25 (age)30 -35
product1 $200 $300
product2 $500 $600

How to do this as this table will be dynamic

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| eval age_dist=floor(age/5)

This will give you a field named age_dist with distinct values for every 5 values of age

| eval age_range=case(age_dist==0,"(age)0-4",age_dist==1,"(age)5-9",...,age_dist==n,"(age)n*5-n*5+4")

This will give you the age groupings you are looking for

| stats count by product age_range

This will give you the table you are looking for

Your final search should look like:

... | eval age_dist=floor(age/5) | eval age_range=case(age_dist==0,"(age)0-4",age_dist==1,"(age)5-9",...,age_dist==n,"(age)n*5-n*5+4") | stats count by product age_range

Hope this helps

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