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How to create a search with dynamic changing host values


index=wineventlog sourcetype=WinEventLog* earliest=-2d host=a OR host=b OR host=c OR host=d OR host=e OR host=f host=h _index_earliest=1533053889 _index_latest=1533053914
| sort 0 +_indextime
| eval message=_raw
| table _raw,_indextime,host

We have a lookup table which we update once every month which has the hosts .Can we write a write a query which will take the hosts data from the lookup table

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Use a subsearch to feed the list of hosts to the main search:

index=wineventlog sourcetype=WinEventLog* earliest=-2d  [ | inputlookup windows_server | fields host ]  | sort 0 +_indextime 
| eval message=_raw | table _raw,_indextime,host
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