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How to create a chart to view Business Transaction counts with line overlays for both highest and lowest data points??

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I am looking for a chart for the business team to view the transaction counts for last day span hourly (so total of 24 data points) with two overlay graphs that can provide me the highest value of the daily data points seen in last 4 weeks (plus 10%) and lowest daily data point of the last 4 weeks (minus 10%). This would show me a bar graph for the yesterday's hourly volume and line charts (in the same panel) for high and low hourly volume data (+/- 10%).

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There are probably more elegant solutions to this, but this is a possible approach:

index=... earliest=-24h@h latest=@h| timechart span=1h count | join [ search index=... earliest=-4w@h latest=-24h@h | timechart span=1h count | stats max(count) as max min(count) as min | eval max=max*110/100 | eval min=min*90/100 ]

And then set min and max as overlay fields in the visualization.


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