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How to count/eval filter with tstats



How to get a percent of "Success / Total" events in a DataModel with "status=success or failed":

  • Trying to count both with one tstat on the main namespace:
    | tstats count as Total count(eval(status=success)) as Success from datamodel=events where nodename=event

  • Trying to pipe results from 2 tstats:
    | tstats prestats=t count as Total from datamodel=events where nodename=event | tstats prestats=t append=t count as Success from datamodel=events where nodename=event event.status=success

  • Adding: is_success = 0 or 1 on each event in the base Datamodel (with an eval) ? no

Thanks for your help,

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Try this:

| tstats count("event.status") AS Total sum("event.is_success") AS "Success" sum("event.is_failed") AS "Failed" from datamodel="events" where (nodename="event") | eval Percentage=round(((100/Total)*Success),2)

I hope, this will solve your problem,

Greetz, Robert

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