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How to configure the number of event rows in the Event Log Collection list.

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I have some problems with configuring rows in the event log collection list. For now, we use default Splunk data for display log lists, but I need to configure more rows than 7.

[timeStamp=2020-03-24 14:43:42.612 +0000] [thread=ForkJoinPool-1-worker-115] [logLevel=INFO] [eventType=xxxxxxxxxxxxBetxxxxxmentxxxxxxder] - className=UpstreamLoggingHelper, methodName=loggingUpstreamError, message= requestId="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" sessionToken="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" userId="xxxxx" ref="xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx" event="xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" eventDirection="Response" latency="256" httpCode="422"
1. "statusCode": "PurchaseNotAccepted",
2."statusDescription": "PurchaseNotAccepted",
3."response": {
4."id": "",
5."status": "Declined",
6."creationDate": "2020-03-24T14:43:42.1297069Z",
7."bets": [
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Who knows where I can do these changes.

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