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How to configure splunk HF to route the events which does not include a keyword?

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Hello Community,

We have 2 target groups to route events.(2 indexers, one is ours and other 3rd party)

i want to configure Splunk HF to route events which does not contain particular keyword, ( like a NOT operation) to one target group and all events to other target group

For example below should be my transforms.conf except that i am not sure about the Regex command.


REGEX = "NOT ping"
FORMAT = specific_event_targetgroup


FORMAT = all_event_targetgroup


I have tried few Regex commands ^(?!.*ping).* and ^((?!ping).)*$ which worked in regex101 and splunk UI search but not in the conf files. Once i have applied these regex commands to conf file, no events were reaching indexers. Can someone help on this?




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