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How to compare average of last 30 days to last 90 days in single search?


I believe there is no report Splunk cannot produce, but I'm having trouble with this one. I'd like to generate a report that compares the last 30 days average duration with last 90 days average duration and shows the increase/decrease. I am having no troubles getting the last 90 day average, but I can't figure out how to include the last 30 day average in the same query... The data I'm working with is similar to this

date Job Duration
9/1/2022 Job1    33
9/1/2022 Job2   12
9/1/2022 Job3   128
9/2/2022 Job1   14
9/2/2022 Job2   99
9/2/2022 Job3   128
9/3/2022 Job1   16
9/3/2022 Job2   33
9/3/2022 Job3   22
9/4/2022 Job1  196
9/4/2022 Job2  393
9/4/2022 Job3 192

I'd like a report that looks like this.
 Job          All  Days    Last 2 Days
Job1        21                17
Job2       44                 35
Job3       28                 17

I can generate the ALL Days, but am not sure how to get the last 2 days.. Heres what I have.

| bucket=_time span=1d
| stats sum(duration) as duration by time, jobtype
| stats avg(duration) as duration by jobtype

Any gurus out there that can help? 


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eventstats doesn't support window parameter as far as I'm aware.  I've tried the streamstats parameter,  which does have a windows and start_window parameter, but can't seem to get it to provide the data I'm after

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Have you try eventstats with window parameter?

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eventstats doesn't support the window parameter.  I tried streamstats with window and time_window, but I can't seem to get it to report correctly

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