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How do you add a row to a table that contains text and an eval value?

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I am creating a table that tallies each type of request per day. Table is as follows.

  Day   |   Assigned   |   Resolved   |   Open
 Jan 1  |     13       |  2           | 12
 Jan 2  |     6        |  2           | 12

My code:

bin _time span=day 
| stats count(eval(request="queue")) as Assigned count(eval(request="resolved")) as Resolved count(eval(current_ticket_state="open")) as Open by _time 
| eval _time = strftime(_time, "%d-%b-%y") 
| rename _time as Day 

What I need now is a row that will have a text of 'carryover' on column Day and an eval carryover = Resolved - Assigned from the previous month for its value on the 'Assigned' column. Here is the supposed output.

   Day    |   Assigned   |   Resolved   |   Open
Carryover |     5       |              |    
Jan 1     |     13      |       2      |    12 
Jan 2     |     6       |       2      |    12

How should I achieve this?

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Your description does not at all match your sample output in the following ways:
1: It only shows 1 month
2: The Carryover value of 5 cannot be achieved by any convolution of the math that you provided.

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hi @dojiepreji,

Are you still having trouble with this issue? If so, please answer the commenter above so that they can help you further. Or, if you solved your query, would you mind describing the steps you took so that others can learn from your solution?


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