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How do I write a search to extract key/value pairs from this Windows Event Log?

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I am looking for a search to extract the name/value pair from the below Windows Event logs and in Splunk, the below message is under "events" field,

Successful Logon: User Name: xxxx Domain: xxxx Logon ID: xxx Logon Type: x Logon Process: User32 Authentication Package: Negotiate Workstation Name: xxxx Logon GUID: xxx Caller User Name: xxx Caller Domain: xx Caller Logon ID: xxx Caller Process ID: xxx Transited Services: - Source Network Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Source Port: xxxx

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This is your REGEX:


Do you need help in your *.conf files?


Hello! Can you be more specific? please?

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Actually i wanted to extract all the values to a new field name and display in a tabular format like user_name, logon_id, logon_type, logon_process etc...

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