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How do I use the data from lookup table column as search on live index?

Loves-to-Learn Lots

I just built my first lookup table, because I have a csv of about 200 servers with the in different ip spaces and I need to perform 2 things . 1. confirm the ip's in the csv's are in splunk and 2. display per ip what ports are listening.

So my query has been this 

index=* |stats count by src_ip , dest_port [|inputlookup networkservers.csv | fields "IPv4 Address" | rename "IPv4 Address " as query

I have confirmed the lookup table is there and I can see it , and I can query the network, im just having issues with ingesting the 200+ ips as search items and then marrying the ports and prots with it . thanks in advance if this makes sense or am i looking at it all wrong ?

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I think what you mean to do is

index=* [|inputlookup networkservers.csv | fields "IPv4 Address" | rename "IPv4 Address" as src_ip]
| stats count by src_ip, dest_port

 (Note your sample code missed a closing bracket; also the rename command contained  an extra space in quotes.)

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Path Finder

Hello @socks 

Also, try this

| inputlookup networkservers.csv
| rename "IPv4 Address" as src_ip
| join type=outer src_ip
    [| search index=* src_ip=* dest_port=*
    | stats count by src_ip dest_port]


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Hi @socks 

Can you try with this 

| lookup networkservers.csv "IPv4 Address" as src_ip OUTPUT src_ip
| stats count by src_ip,dest_port


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Loves-to-Learn Lots

nope this is not working , as the query seems to think the field src_ip is in the lookup table and it is not


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