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How do I rename field name with dollar and curly braces in name?



I would like to ask you how to rename field name like "${http.headers.ClientSide}".

Such names are generated by Axway API GW into audit log.

Searching and filtering is working when i use backslahes:

index="axway"  source="group-6_instance-9.log"| spath "customMsgAtts.\$\{http.headers.ClientSide\}" | search "customMsgAtts.\$\{http.headers.ClientSide\}"=""

but renaming does nothing:

index="axway"  source="group-6_instance-9.log" | rename customMsgAtts.\$\{http.headers.ClientSide\} as "ClientSide"

I have tried also various codes:

index="axway"  source="group-6_instance-9.log" | rename customMsgAtts.${http.headers.ClientSide} as "ClientSide"


index="axway"  source="group-6_instance-9.log" | rename "customMsgAtts.\$\{http.headers.ClientSide\}" as "ClientSide"

with no result.

Any hint what I am doing wrong?

Source data:

{ correlationId:    4b22b65b1133c88ed95c0591       
  customMsgAtts: {      
    http.destination.host: localhost    
    service.name: Healthcheck       }       
  duration: 2       
  legs: [   [+]     ]      
path: /healthcheck/  
  protocol: https       
  protocolSrc: 48065       
  serviceContexts: [    [+]     ]      
  status: success       
  time: 1538662987857       
  type: transaction 

Thanks in advance

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I think your search should work.

Can you please try below search to filter data?

| makeresults | eval _raw="{\"correlationId\":\"4b22b65b1133c88ed95c0591\",\"customMsgAtts\": { \"${http.headers.ClientSide}\" : \"\",\"service.name\":\"Healthcheck\"}}" | kv | rename "customMsgAtts.${http.headers.ClientSide}" as ClientSide

Please provide your event with sample data so I can help more.

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Can you try below search. This search extracts the ip address in ${http.headers.ClientSide} field with new field name ClientSide

 index="axway"  source="group-6_instance-9.log" | rex field=_raw "ClientSide\}\:\s(?<ClientSide>[\d\.]+)" | table ClinetSide
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Or else try like this..

| makeresults | eval hari="${http.headers.ClientSide}" | transpose | replace "${http.headers.ClientSide}" with "newname" |transpose
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Hi Hari, i tried that but the value of field hari is not substituted, just it is the string "${http.headers.ClientSide}"

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Have you tried-

rename  "customMsgAtts.${http.headers.ClientSide}" as ClientSide
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Hello, this doesn't work unfortunately.

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