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How can i make my chart overlay use the same axis?

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I have my search query being as such where I am displaying the tickets, flowing in and out. Now, i want to put a line indicating the backlog on my chart.

index="tickets" $year$  |  dedup number 
| convert timeformat="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" num(allFields.createdDate) As days
| eval week=strftime(days,"%V") 
| eval year = strftime(days, "%Y") 
| where year= c_year
| stats count by week

| appendcols [search index="tickets" $year$ | dedup number | search state != "Resolved" AND state != "Closed" AND state != "Resolution Confirmed" AND  assignment_group != "Out of Scope" | convert timeformat="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" num(createdDate) As date
| eval weeks=strftime(date,"%V") 
| eval year = strftime(date, "%Y") 
| where year= c_year | chart count by weeks 

| appendcols [search index="tickets" $year$  | dedup number
| search state = "Resolved" OR state = "Resolution Confirmed" OR  state = "Closed"
| convert timeformat="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" num(resolvedOn) As days
| eval out = strftime(days, "%V")
| eval year = strftime(days, "%Y") 
| where year= c_year
| chart count by out]

Basically, how can i make the field 'createdDate' used in first query and first subquery to be common on my chart? The way i did it, the subquery has its own axis, which i do not want. Please refer to the picture:alt text
What I am getting is this : (where weeks is my backlog)
alt text
Any help will be much appreciated!

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