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I want to override the Host value at search time, not at index time because I need to override it just in the context of a specific app.

EXTRACT-field = (?P<host>my_regex)

It does not work. Why?
Is there another way to do this?

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Does this work?

EXTRACT-field = (?P<otherField>my_regex)
EVAL-host = otherField
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I had an another approach which is a bit hacky but seems to work so far:
Extracting the host with extract or report in a new field called host_temp (i used report and transforms)
Created an alias for host_temp to host

Thats it, don't ask me how stable that solution is.


I was able to do it in SPL for a top event (replacing the hostname with the extracted user name). Perhaps you could make a macro for ease of implementation?

Here's the sample event:

20861  root              20     0  130284    1956    1192   R    11.8     0.0       0:00.03  top

Here's the query:

index=os sourcetype=top| rex field=_raw "^\s+\d+\s+(?P<host>\w+)"
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I don't think this is possible. I was trying to do the same thing. Here are instructions for overriding the host value. Note, however, that the doc for transforms.conf indicates that the DEST_KEY attribute is only valid for index-time operations. Also, the TRANSFORMS attribute in props.conf is only valid at index-time as well.

Given this, I plan on re-importing my data.

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make sure u search within the context of the app

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I am damn sure.
The problem is the name "host". If I try to give another name to my field, the EXTRACT works, but I need to override "host".

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