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Help with Search != litsearch --- In 'litsearch' there are extra unwanted key=value statements

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We are spending a tremendous amount of time tuning our search structures lately. One thing we have run across in our Enterprise Security environment is an unwanted key=value in litsearch when reviewing the job board.


index=any-index-value sourcetype=any-sourcetype-value


(index=any-index-value (sourcetype=any-sourcetype-value OR sourcetype=never-mentioned-value))

This 'never-mentioned-value' is always the same regardless of index or sourcetype we place in the SPL.  Things I have checked for:

- props-lookups: No 'sourcetype as x' on input side OR 'x as sourcetype' on output side

- props-EVAL-sourcetype = case(x,never-mentioned-value), this exists in our prod but same config in lower environment did not trigger the same action (will be removing this shortly after next push cause I just don't like it)

- TRANSFORMS - can not find any items of interest here


I have tried the following alternative searches



index=any-index-value sourcetype::any-sourcetype-value

In both of the above SPL the 'extra' sourcetype key=value does not appear in the litsearch.  I do understand the differences in indexed fields and how the searches above are not triggering the addition key=value.


What I need help/direction/input is how do I track down the errant conf edit that is resulting in additional litsearch values when the SPL contains 'sourcetype='.

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