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Get logs with a distinct value of a field


I saw some similar questions but none seem to work

In my splunk logs, I have this field called TransactionID: 6c5802f0-c317-4d3a-9211-2ed7a10a5d7f -> 46314ef3-dac8-4756-902a-76fc61255d11 in my logs
A transaction can have multiple errors but I just want to find how many transactions did error occur in instead of total number of errors.
In other words, I want logs of distinct TransactionID that has error.

I tried index=bc-dag-app AND ERROR | dedup TransactionID but it didn't work.
Can someone please advise?

PS: I am super-new to splunk so I'm sorry if it's a straight forward/stupid question

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@ank15july96 First make sure your TransactionID field is being extracted. If it is, then use below query -

index=bc-dag-app AND ERROR | stats dc(TransactionID) as error_count
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Actually dedup TransactionID should work if you are looking for distinct transactions.

But if you are looking for all the logs per each transaction, you can try transaction command.

index=bc-dag-app AND ERROR | transaction TransactionID

Hope, it helps.

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I tried the above query but it did not yield any result. 😕

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