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Find Hosts which do their searches in alphabetical order


Hi there

I have many log-entries with the two fields "host_address" (an IP address) and "query" (a search query). One entry per query. I would like to figure out which "host_addresses" do their queries in alphabetical order. That's it.

To be honest: I have no idea where to start!

The only thing I found was the following article:


but it does not really help me eather. Can anyone?

Best regards, Dominic

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I guess you could do the following:

Sort by host and time in such a way that events are grouped by host and within that grouping sorted by time
Use a command like streamstats to give events a sequence number (restarting on host change)
Sort by host and query text in such a way that events are still grouped by host but within that grouping sorted by query text
Use the delta command to detect whether the sequence numbers are still in the same order, or completely mixed up

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Can you give example of what you'd call host_addresses in alphabetical order?

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Multiple Hosts invoke multiple text-based search-queries and I would like to know which hosts apply there SEARCH-QUERIES in alphabetical order. Usually they should be in more a or less random order. So I dan't care about the alphabetical order of the host_addresses but of the seach-queries!

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It couldn't be that simple, but are your looking for

index=* | table host_address,query|sort query
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I dont think so.. I don't want so see the queries in sorted order - I want to know which hosts issue their queries in alphabetical order

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... and I don't want to figure out if the order is alphabetical by eye. Splunk should give me a list of host_addresses which behave like that. Late I want to generate alerts for hosts which behave in that way

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