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Field extraction fails to extract all fields

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Hi All

I'm hoping someone might have an insight into a problem I'm having extracting fields from some XML based event data -- essentially I can only extract the first of 2 potential fields; the second field fails to be extracted and made available in the search app.

Example of the data I'm indexing:


My config files:


TRANSFORMS-disk_available = disk_available


REGEX = (?i)<name>diskavailablespace(\w)</name>\s*?<value>(\d)</value>
FORMAT = $1::$2

Some observations:

  • My expectation is that 2 fields should be extracted: C = 1 and E = 7.
  • Using the above, only a single field name 'C' is extracted from my indexed event data with value 1.
  • If I swap the order of the <metric> tags around, I extract a single field 'E' with value 7, suggesting to me that the regex is either failing or not being applied beyond the first match (??).
  • My regular expression, when tested in an external tool, seems to check out OK as it produces 2 matches of (2) groups --> one match for content of each <metric> tag.
  • I've added REPEAT_MATCH = true attribute with no change in behaviour.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to what may be going on, or what I might do to achieve the expected field extraction.

Many Thanks, B

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Two things:

  1. You really shouldn't be using index-time extractions (TRANSFORMS) unless you really know what you're doing and have a good reason for it. Search-time extractions give better performance and flexibility.
  2. Only one value will be extracted because this is default behaviour when encountering more than one value for a field in an event. This behaviour can be toggled using the MV_ADD directive in transforms.conf. From the docs:


MV_ADD = [true|false]
* NOTE: This attribute is only valid for search-time field extractions.
* Optional. Controls what the extractor does when it finds a field which already exists.
* If set to true, the extractor makes the field a multivalued field and appends the 
* newly found value, otherwise the newly found value is discarded.
* Defaults to false
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