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Extract field on index


I’ve create index and want to extract fields on it.
is possible through the web interface or i should edit specific config file?


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I'll tell you how you said,

Click the Settings button at the top right

field button click

Press the Extract Field button and proceed.
The above operation can extract the field at the fastest speed from the standardized field.

Thank you

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@mehrdad_2000 Go to Settings -> Fields and you can select the option that applies

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Create an index.
Create Index-Time Field Extractions and deploy to Indexers
Send events to index on Indexers
Create Search-Time Field Extractions and deploy to Search Heads.

MOST Search-Time Field Extractions can be created through the GUI on the Search Head (examples of exceptions include KV_MODE). If you are configured correctly, NO Index-Time Field Extractions can be configured through the GUI of Indexers.

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