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Drill down to dashboard with hidden table

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I am trying to drill down from one dashboard to another and show a table with the selected category in the target dashboard.
I have manged to make the general drill down work and it shows the corresponding category, BUT i need to also show a hidden table which shows category details in the target dashboard when a cell is clicked in the existing table in the target dashboard.

Sounds a bit confusing so let me know if you have any questions! Any help would be appreciated 🙂


(Splunk 6.4.2)

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What you'll need here are a combination of the depends clause on the hidden panel and a drilldown element that sets a token.

For example, if the target dashboard has two panels: a first that is always shown and a second that is conditionally displayed (and receives the value displayed in the cell clicked, your code might look something like this:
<set token="display_second_panel">true</set>
<set token="drilldown_token">$click.value$</set>

<panel depends="$drilldown_token$">

If you are using the value from the clicked cell, you'll reference the token $drilldown_token$ somewhere in the search that populates the panel contents. If not, you can skip the line <set token="drilldown_token">$click.value$</set> entirely.

Here's a reference document:

The major caveat I'll offer to all of this is that I was unable to find documentation for Splunk 6.4.2 that provided the same guidance, so 6.4.2 may not support this approach. I've only ever used Splunk 6.5+, so I don't know for sure.

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