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Display submenus in the Dashboard title ?


Hi All,

I have a requirment of showing the submenu on the dashboard page, so that I can know that from which Main Menu I am navigating from. So for example - I have menu as shown below :

Network | Datacenter | Messaging | Infrastructure :

When I click on Datacenter it will display :

Active Directory ... so on...

So basically on the dashboard I should see that I have navigated from Datacenter --> Server, so that I can see that I was in Datacenter menu and then in Server submenu. Basically i want to display the whole Navigation and their respective submenu on the top of dashboard itself ? Please help in how I can achieve this ? Finally it should look like this below :

Datacenter --> Server --> CPU Usage (on the top of dashboard)


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Path Finder

Perhaps breadcrumb tags can be of use, never tried it myself, but it looks like it could do the job.

More on breadcrumbs and tailored views via docs: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/7.2.3/AdvancedDev/ModInputsCustomizeUI


Ya, I think I will have to put breadcrum tags to show the path for the Navigation menu. I will try that out and keep you posted. Thanks.

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@ramgnisiv The document you have shared is for Modular Input. I think the question is regarding breadcrum in dashboards.

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@niketnilay - This was one of the question I posted some time back. Actually, now my menu is ready on the dashboard, but another thing I want to do this, when user clicks on the menu and opens the particular dashboard, he should see the whole navigation path in some panel title or so ? and this should also be hyperlinked so that he can click on that navigation and go to other dashboards. Any suggestion on this ?

Datacenter ==> Server ==> CPU Usage - something like this ???


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