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Compare fields in a table


I have a table generated from two fields, sessionid and host -

... | stats count by sessionid host

I am trying to find only the sessionids that appear on more than one host. So basically, I need to compare each sessionid/host pair that appears in the logs with subsequent pairs for the same sessionid, but a different host.

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This will give you what you are looking for.

... | transaction pdsessionid maxspan=30s maxpause=5s | eval hcount = mvcount(host) | where hcount > 1

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee
 ... | stats count by sessionid host | eventcount dc(host) as hc by sessionid | where hc >= 2

or you could do:

... | values(host) as hosts by sessionid | where mvcount(hosts) >= 2

but that gives you a less flexible set of results.

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